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Institutional Development

Strong institutions are critical to efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and development. We appreciate the role of strong institutions in national and organizational development. To this end we offer customized and professional services in the areas of institutional building services including initial diagnostics, operations audit, institutional review, restructuring and organizational development so as to enhance the capacity of these institutions respond to the needs of stakeholders.

We meticulously evaluate the design, implementation, and effectiveness of the programs, activities and ethics-based objectives of organizations. The scope of our operational audit services also covers compliance audit, and internal control reviews. We also assess and proffer pragmatic solutions to improve the governance process regarding the promotion of appropriate ethics and values within the private and public sector.

Project Management

Our management consulting involves professional management advisory and institution building services to public and private sector institutions and organizations targeted at providing governance and organizational development solutions. Our services usually result in increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the work place. We provide facilitation services to public and private sector institutions to enable groups and organizations work more efficiently and effectively and to collaborate and achieve synergy.


Minerva provides advisory services in area of regulation guiding different regulatory agencies and systems in different sectors. We advise regulatory agencies not only on regulatory reforms that are in line with international best practices but also on measures to be taken to ensure compliance with these regulations. We help private institutions and government agencies to identify and understand the key regulatory issues which may affect industry and the organizational structure and output.

Governance, Ethics & Anti-Corruption

The provision of good governance by leaders and public office holders ensures growth and development. Minerva provides advisory services relating to diverse aspects of good governance including transformational leadership, Ethics, anti-corruption, elections & democracy, economic development, transparency, and accountability.

We have experience in strengthening integrity systems and anti-corruption and accountability systems. We also conduct corruption risk assessments on public and private sector organizations.

We advise both the public and private sectors on compliance with money laundering and related anti-corruption regimes and requirements.


Minerva Management Limited advises public and private sector on compliance with laws, rules, regulations and policies relating to diverse sectors and industries. Based on the societal need for regulatory frameworks to be dynamic, many institutions often experience waves of significant regulatory change. We are exceptional in helping organizations develop controls to improve their compliance with regulatory requirements.

Training & Capacity Building

We provide customized training & capacity building programmes for public and private sector organizations to suit their needs. Our seminars are taught by a highly experienced faculty in diverse subjects, thus providing participants with global perspectives and international best practices.

We also conduct customized capacity building programmes for staff members of public and private sector organizations for efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to capacity building programmes, Minerva provides technical advisory services in a wide range of areas of importance to both public and private sector organizations.

Policy Advisory Services

Minerva provides advisory to the public and private sectors on various factors that lead to growth and development. We also ensure that policies, laws and rules meet the standards of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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